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If you're looking for some basic information about Us, our dog’s or breed feel free to contact us :) If you are looking for a puppy from us in the near future, please fill out our questionnaire.

Please do not message us with questions that are already answered on our Available Page or throughout or website. We take a lot of time to put the information on our website for your information so that we do not waste your time or ours.​

Some commonly asked questions... Here are the answers...
  •  We do not sell Mini's. The Australian Shepherd comes in one size. Any deviation in the name of the Australian Shepherd such as a "mini or toy or teacup" is not an Australian Shepherd. Those are not purebred Australian Shepherds. They do have Mini American Shepherds and you can search the web to find breeders on there. We ONLY raise Australian Shepherds.
  • We DO NOT allocate puppies to new homes based on coat color or eye color. Not because we don't want to… color preferences often do not match the dog's temperament you are looking for. However, we often manage to reconcile it all :)
  • The tails… some puppies will have long tails and some NBT will have different lengths. We are not able to predict how it will be distributed in a given litter.
  • Puppy prices do not vary depending on the color. A Blue Merle dog with a blue eye costs exactly the same as his brother Black Tricolor.
  • Occasionally we will have puppies available, for which we will be looking for show houses on joint ownership contracts and contracts with full ownership rights.
  • All of the dogs are the same price regardless if you do not need their registration papers.

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36-020 Tyczyn k/Rzeszowa
Woj. Podkarpacke
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